How to Play Counter Strike Online for Free

Counter Strike is one of the most popular first person shooter game (FPS). It comes in various versions like Counter Strike Stream, which helps you to Play Counter Strike Online for Free. Today we are going to talk about Counter Strike Stream and how to use it to play the game online.

Counter Strike Stream is the online version of Counter Strike Game which helps users to Join and play the game online for free. In order to use Counter Strike Stream you have to buy it and install it to your computer. Once Counter Strike Stream installed on your computer then you can follow the below guidelines carefully.

How to play Counter Strike Online

Step 1: Download and Install Counter Strike Game client on your computer. Once Game is installed on your Computer Open it.

Counter Strike Main Menu

Step 2: Now from the main menu of your counter strike game press “~” key from your keyboard (you can find this key at the upper right corner below to the Esc key on your keyboard). By pressing the “~“ key it will prompt the console window to perform any action. This window helps user to perform various tasks on counter strike game.

For example: Connect with servers, Search for server details, opponents details and lots more.

Counter Strike Console

Now, you need to have little knowledge about the connect command in counter strike gaming console. Connect Command always being written with the IP address of dedicated game server to which you want to connect and play counter strike online game.

For example:  “Connect″

(Whenever you want to connect to any server then you must use “Connect” before the IP and Port number).

Counter Strike Console Connect

Step 3 : You can Find working game servers by using Game Monitor Server Search (this website track all dedicated real-time updating severs). You can also join the Game rooms in your region, for this you have to Select your Country from the drop down list and click on the Search button. It will display all active game server in your territory.

Game Monitor Active Server

Under IP section, you will be able to see various Active Game servers. Simply note down the IP address with the port number. It will be look-alike:

For Example:

Step 4 : Now write the IP address of the game server in Counter Strike Console with using connect command. It will be look-alike:

For Example: “Connect″

Note: In order to Play Counter Strike Online, use ”Connect” command before the IP address otherwise you would not be able to connect to the game servers.

Hoping the above guidelines will help you to Play Counter Strike Online for free. Meanwhile, If you are looking to download Counter Strike game for free then click here.

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